• "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

  • Experience & Work History

    I've a wide experience in projects from start-up to huge state and commercial level.


    Jun 2018-Present

    ⊹ Developing software architecture
    ⊹ Writing tests
    ⊹ Customizing current projects


    June 2015-December 2016

    ⊹ Creating RESTful API services using Node, Express
    ⊹ Implementing CSV/XLSX parsers
    ⊹ Creating and using Mongoose Schemas
    ⊹ Using Tex inside platform for forming new docs
    ⊹ Writing Unit and Acceptance tests (Mocha, Chai (TDD, BDD))
    ⊹ Implementing Chai extensions (pagination test)
    ⊹ Bugfixing
    ⊹ Using Promises (Bluebird, async/await), other ES6, ES7 features
    ⊹ Using third party modules: babyparse, body-parser, moment, babel, react, react-dom,
    ⊹ Managing code with Github and Redmine

  • Ping Me

    Come, take a walk, drink coffee discuss everything.

    36 Tselinogradska St, 61202, Kharkov, UA, http://yaroslavshcherban.com